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Best Google Chrome Extension: Every User Need Most

Google Chrome is Superb one  and top security browser, it’s extension feature make it more feature able and powerful browser. In Chrome thousand of extension , here we find best chrome extension for you which help you most.

What is Google Chrome Extension?

Extension is just a program which add extra function on your browser for perform huge amount of task. This extension make with web programming language like html, css & Javascript. This extension  develop the chrome and make it more feature able.

Here Example of Google Chrome Extension:

We all know that it is impossible to invite all fb friends to like our facebook page in one click but with the help of extension to can invite all  your facebook friends to like your page in single click.

Read above post and know how extension are used .

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Best Google Chrome Extension :

Google Chrome have thousands of extension and beginner are confused which extension is useful for him , so here i explain some best google chrome extension which is surely useful for you.  For Newbie, once you used that extension you don’t live without them. After using these extension you will also called chrome a world top feature able browser .


    1  .  The Great Suspender :-

  This chrome extension help your browser  to speed up. In other words, this extension help you to increased your browser speed.   Once you installed that extension they paused all unused tab, after a user specified time. If your pc Ram less than ,that extension so helpful for your browser for good and speedy performance.

Install Extension


    2  .   Grammarly :-

This extension help you auto correct your spelling and it also give advice for grammar and spelling. I also used this extension to correct my spelling.

Install Extension 


    3.   Save To pocket :-

This is one of the popular one extension to save for latter . For example , if you see a great post on any blog you have not time to read it now, you save that post for latter read with the help of that extension and you also save many things for latter with the help of that extension . Once you installed that  extension you really love it , for cool feature.

Install Extension


   4.  Honey :-

This is one of the cool one extension for them who love online shopping . When you go for one shopping, it automatically search a coupon code for you and applied and help to saving your cash.

Installed Extension


  5. Https Everywhere :-

This extension help you load every http website into https connection . Https Connection is more secure than http connection. This extension is used for security purpose.

Installed Extension


  6. Unblock Origin :-

This extension is also more popular extension that used for block the ads.  Once you go on some site you click on that extension for stop ads , they stop the ads , when you go for another website they auto ads are displayed.

Installed Extension


  7.  Last Pass

This extension is used for saved password . If you have many password for many account , surely this extension help you saved all the password .  Truly this extension is very useful and secured for those who have many password.

Installed Extension 


8.  Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a  privacy protection best chrome extension. With the help of this extension, you can set easily option to clear your history auto  after close chrome & at the time when you scan your desktop for malware.  Click&Clean will be complete online protection and solution that can do well for all active internet users .

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3 thoughts on “Best Google Chrome Extension: Every User Need Most

  1. This chorme extention help browser to continue speed up.its also help correct speeling.People kept to run many account for many password then this chorme extension help saved the many account and password.This is greatful article for all …

  2. Great list Vishal, thanks. I’d also add Deskun, great extension for gmail. Free features like mailtracking, templates etc.

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