Top 12 Domain Name Generator Tools

Are you confuse in choosing quality domain name ?. Today I will knowledge you about the best Domain name  generator tools which helps you to choose a cool domain name for your website .


Usually , whenever you think to start and wanted to come to the blogging life . The next step for you is to choose a niche of the website i.e whether you will write on technology or food recipes or something else . The last step is to chose domain name . The choosing a domain name can be difficult one  for a newbie because you have to choose that domain name which is meaningful and related to niche of your website . And also attract visitors . To decrease your difficulty in choosing domain name , we have bring for you  some free best domain name generator tools .

Domain Name Generator Tools

#1 Lean Domain Search:-

It is totally free to use . Just enter one keyword and search for it by clicking on option search domain . Lean domain search tool will display all thousands of domain name which related to your entered keyword . You are also able to filter domain name by alphabetically or by popularity or by length . with this tool , you can save favorite domain name , share your result , display search history ,also search for your ideas instantly  whether they are available or not .


If you really need some cool ideas for domain name . I suggest you to use this tool .

[visit lean Domain search]


#2 Panabee:-

This tool provide you service to generate business  name , domain name and also search domain name . Enter two keywords  , then click on search for suggestions . you are able to filter result with domain extension . If the domain name you are searching for is already taken . However you can go to Go Daddy for some others extension of the domain name .


If You are not happy with result  . This tool also show you a related search terms for your domain name . Not sole ( only ) this , it will also aware you whether your ideal domain name is already used as Social Media User name or not . Did I tell , it is free to use .

[check out this tool]


#3 Bust a name:-

This too has number of filtering tools to enable your to generate a cool domain name . To use the tool , first click on “start” enter keyword and then on ” ends” enter keyword  . After this , chose how natural you want domain name  . Set Character limit for your domain name .You can also select the domain extensions like .com , .net , .biz , .info and .org . At the botton , suggestions are given to you for similar keywords that you try to your domain name .


If you have no idea of keyword , then click on “make random Domains” to get idea . If by chance , you like keyword after the action , you can save that keyword .You can also buy that domain from Go Daddy and Name Cheap .

[visit Bust A Name]


#4  Business Name Generator:-

It is free to utilize . However , this tool is just for making Business domain names . But it will provide you a number of domain name ideas . Chose the keyword for domain name and you will find thousands of suggestions .Though website ask you for creating a shopify shop by using domain names Suggested by them . Just somewhere to buy the web address .


[try this tool]


#5 Name Stall :-

It is the best domain name generator  tool to search domain name . This tool offers you to select your keyword at beginning or at the ending of your domain name or you like to  have hyphen in web address . Then extensions you want for the domain name like .com , .net , .biz and many more . Finally click on generate domain option .


After few seconds , you will found an array of options which are already  taken and not registered . Just tap on register link straight to domain name you like .

Name Stall also offers some additional features like suggestion tool for same domain name , Domain hack , Brand able domain and instant domain search .

[check out here]


#6 Name boy:-

Name boy enable you to generate a quality domain name based on the keyword you enter in the desired boxes . You have to enter up to two keyword and this tool display result instantly and also suggestion for keyword you select .    If domain name you like most is already registered or taken , then you can register same domain name with other extensions . For instances , If you like , then you can replace with it with .


It will also serve you to select domain name with rhyme keyword or allow  hyphenated suggestion . This is best for you sole when you  have ideas of keyword you like to use or want suggestions .

[visit Name Boy]


#7 Domain Puzzler:-

Domain Puzzler is very simple to use . Just use easy version of this tool . Simply enter keyword you have in your mind and select extension like .com , .net and many more . At  last , search fro keyword .This tool provide you cool features that you can enter number of keyword . It will combine keywords you enter into different forms . You have ability to add result to your favorite list or you can use advanced search . It also empower you to compare Page Rank of different  domain names .


[check out domain Puzzler]


#8 Name Mesh:-

Name Mesh comes with cool features . When you have number ideas of keywords in your mind , this tool will work best for you .  select 3 -4 keywords and enter   in search box .  tap on Generate option to generate list . Then you will get you list based on the classes like new ,short , common , Similar , SEO .


When you are done with your keyword , then filter the result based on maximum length , domain extensions and unregistered domain . This domain name generator tool also suggest others keyword .

[visit Name Mesh]


#9 Domain Bot:-

Domain bot is domain  suggestion  tool as well as domain search tool . Enter   and search keyword . You will get exact ideas based on that  keyword or you can say combined keyword or also similar keyword . Now search domain name you like most . If it is available in the list and then you will be able to buy by using links to different domain registers . You can watch suggestions on same domain names ,also filter by languages , extensions , prefixes or suffixes  and add synonyms . You can also modify result .


[try Domain Bot]

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#10 Instant Domain Search:-

This tool is Best domain name generator tool that function in well way when you have some keyword already in your mind . Type your  keyword and press enter . It will knowledge you whether a keyword entered by you is taken or not .If so , then it will give alternatives for that keyword that are actively available . This tool also enable you to know which one is for auction . You can purchase it by link on site like on GO Daddy , Name Cheap and more ,which straight to the domain name .

instant domain search.

[Try Instant Domain Search ]


#11 I want My Name

This tool is just like Instant Domain Search . Like Instant Domain Search , It function well when you have keyword in mind already . Simply put keyword in search and search for it . Then this tool enable you to know that whether a domain name can be bought or not . If yes , the tool will display prices straight to  all domain names . You can also hide unavailable  domains .


[Visit I Want My Name]

#12 Dot-O-Mator:-

Whenever you don’t have ideas with what keyword can I go . For this , start with this domain name generator tool . Select two keyword , one with beginning and other with ending and enjoy this with so more option . If you have some cool keyword , then you can try that . after clicking on combine option . Tap on available and then Add to scratch box to save keyword as your favorite . You can use Web 2.0 Name Generator for getting domain or business name without having any new keyword ideas .


[Check this tool]


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From above , 12 domain name generator tools , your task of choosing quality domain name  can  be easy .

I hope you catch the Article ” Best Domain Name Generator Tools ” profitable for you . If you like this article , then share the article on social sites  .  And if any query you find , feel free to ask and know any of other cool to generate domain name . Please tell me via comment box .

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