How To Play Youtube Videos Songs In Background On Android

Since we know that youtube do not support the features of background playback. For instance, when you play youtube videos songs . And at that time,  if someone message or email you. Then you switch to whatapps or gmail app to check the message or email . But after checking message or email, when you again switch to youtube app, you have to resume the video.  So it is a disadvantages of youtube app on android. Your youtube video will automatically stops when you move to the background. This limitation not only in youtube app but in web browser also.

The reason for not supporting the features of background playback in android or web browser. Because youtube earn money from the videos ads. More youtube videos songs will be played by you, then earn more money. If they start features of background playback> Then there will be no income for the company. Therefore, youtube took eight years to launch update. In this update, with the subscription of $10 per month, you can enjoy the features of background playback in official youtube app. But this features is only available in US.

Here we present you some Android apps which helps you to play youtube videos songs in background.

Play Youtube Videos Songs In Background

#1. Ulisten:-

Just search the apps from playstore and download it. Open the app play the video you want by searching. This app doesn’t lets you to play  videos in background. However, video open as pop-up window. So that you can use another app simultaneously.  It means, you can watch youtube video and use others apps like whatapp, facebook etc simultaneously. You can see in below screenshot. I m watching video and using gmail app. This gives you interface of multitasking like you find on pc.

You can also change the size of pop-up showing screen shot. To use this app, you must login with your Google account. The limitation with this is that you lock your screen, it stops playing.

#2. Torch music:-

Just search song you want to play. Tap on the play button. This app allow you to play youtube video song even when you lock your screeen or minimize the app in bakground. It does’t support feature like Ulisten app.

#3.  New Pipe:-

Another app to play youtube videos songs in background. In this app, you canno see video in background like Ulisten app. The video songs will play as an audio even when you lock your screen. This app allow you to download the video in different quality.

Just tap on the headphone icon option in screenshot you can see. After this, your video will play in background.

If you are not satisfied with above apps which helps you to play youtube video background on android.

Play youtube video in background on android using chrome

First of all, open browser like firefox or chrome. Go to the youtube site and search for video song that you want to play. Click on the browser menu and there you have to click on option ‘ desktop site’. By doing this, you will switch to desktop version of youtube site. After this, play your song. Then switch  to gmail app or others apps. This action will stop the playback. To play audio of that music, you have to pull down your notification bar and resume you song. You are finished with your work to play song in background on android.

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