Best Apps To Manage Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, When you are using each everyone of your social media accounts. It will time consuming for you. Like when you are using and updating your facebook accounts. You maybe forget to update your twitter accounts. By using social media, you can extend the reach of your content, brand and customer service etc. But worst thing is is time consuming. If you are uncapable to manage social media accounts. And want to update your multiple social media accounts at a time. So don’t worry, today we will resolve your problem of managing multiple social media accounts. Today, we will present the best apps to manage social media accounts.

Top Apps To Manage Social Media Accounts

So lets start with these apps so that you can manage your multiple social media accounts.

#1. CrowdBooster:-

Crowdbooster just collect data from your twitter feed and facebook. But it will not group all social media accounts into one available location. But it will give some necessary information about social media strategy. like when people mostly likely to view your latest  upload videos or images. Other features of this apps to analyze the total impressions, total engagement and reach. One other cool features of crowdbooster is that it will alerts you when new twitter user may notice you by your upload images or uploads.Also in your brand if you are business man.



Only bad is about it is that no free option is available. You have to pay $9 to use this apps for month.

#2. SocialFlow:-

Are you running  online marketing campaign or business. Then you at present know that how much crucial is to share the content on multiple social media accounts. you can use its single optimization algorithum that takes your twitter and facebok acounts’s social flow and data into three factors.

  1. Necessary message ( which of your message is most relevent to connect )
  2. Right audience ( who is online )
  3. Right time ( correct time to publish the content)

Means to say, Socialflow makes that the message is sent during perfect time.

Socialflow  has another service, but for this, you have to pay first. It offers plans of $99 per month.

#3. Sproutsocial:-

SproutSocial offers a plan of $59 per month. It permit you to manage your social media accounts. like facebook, linkedin, twitter Google+ etc. You can connect your accounts to view and share posts directly from this app.



In addition to web-based apps, It also offer mobile app for android, iphone and ipad.

#4. Hootsuite:-

Hootsuite is free to manage three social media accounts. The advanced features you will get in the plan of $9 per month. Hootsuite permit you to manage your social media profiles on twitter, facebook, linkedin, Foursquare and others. It allow you to read your news feed, schedule posts, reply to messages and comments. And also allow you to track keyword mentions and more.


Like sproutsocial, it also offers mobile app for android phone, iphone and ipad.

#5. TweetDeck:-

Tweetdeck is free to use and allow you to manage social media profiles on twitter. Like hootsuite, it also offers you to read news feed, schedule posts and reply to meassges and comments and more.


Tweetdecl is available as chrome extension app, web based app and desktop app.

#6. Bitly:-

Bitly is free to use.  This app do task on multiple platform like facebook and twitter. It shorten link of your post which is to posted on facebook and others accounts. It also enable you to  bookmark your favourite pages ,sites and also capability to track clicks.



#7. Everypost:-

Everypost app gives you to best platform which allow you to post all updates on social media accounts from a place at a time. So simple, just type your message, add videos or photos and then post on to all social media accounts like twitter, linkedin, tumblr, facebook, Google+, pinterest etc at a time.

Another cool things about this app is that it shortens the twitter text. this app shortens the twitter text such that they become less thaan 140 character.most of all, you can use it free.


#8. Buffer:-

Buffer app is free to utilize. This app is one of the best message scheduling app i.e you can schedule message on multiple media accounts. And also allow you to share applications. You just have to do easy click, buffer app allow you to share schedule posts and content via Google+, twitter, facebook, linkedin, Pinterest etc. This app will help you update your accounts consistently. It also show detailed information of your posts. i.e reach of your posts.

It offers you free trial. But after that, you have to pay $10 per month. Then you are free to schedule unlimited posts as you want to posts. Under this plan, you can use 12 social profiles.


#9. Spredfast:-

Spredfast is one of the best app to manage social media accounts. If you are keen to measure data collected from twitter, facebook, youtube and flickr. It has features like calender which informs you of perfect tweeting times.



#10. Tweepi:-

Out of all the social media platform, twitter is most usuable.    Tweepi app is a twitter unfollow tool which provides you access to unfollow the people on twitter who are not following you back. And help you to clean your twitter timeline.  Your twitter account is free form inactive twitter users.



#11. SocialOoamph:-

This app allow you to schedule tweets for the whole day. And it will autofollow your newbie followers. This app allow you to use dashboard so that you can combine linkedin, facebook, twitter and your blog into one atom to schedule your posts and manage social media acitvities.


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