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The better keyword ranking  and Google Page Rank of Web pages can be calculated on many factors . But the most acute one is Backlinks ( incoming links ) .  Search engine basically take all the links that are linking to your site as votes and as a result of more votes leads to higher search rank . Usually website’s owner always keen to learn that there are how many websites which are bonded ( linked ) to his website ?.From where these links are coming ? . Today at Mashloud , I will aware you of some free best backlink checker tools and with utilization of these tools , you can catch who links to your website .

                    Why we need Backlink checker tools

when any Site linking with your website or site’s page of your site , its called backlink . For below reasons , we need these tools .

  • To view number of incoming links we have created for our website .
  • Which incoming links helps in improving page rank .
  • MOZ rank of website .
  • Better keyword rank .

            Backlink Checker Tools

So lets go and dive into best Backlink checker tools .

   1. OpenLinkProfile :

 You can utilize this backlink checker tool as free . First of all ,   free account creation must required . Then this tool will help you to know all incoming links which have links with your website . Open Link profile enable you to export 1000 incoming links per website .Even also you will be able to learn the information of incoming links such as :

  • Link influence
  • No follow links
  • Link age
  • Unique active links
  • country
  • link context and more .

[check out here]

2. Rank signal  :-

Like open link profile , Rank signal is also free to utilize . But in this tool ,  you must have to create free account to get complete detail of incoming links . With this tool , you can display the incoming links of any site and also data about incoming links like

  • Link anchor text 
  • Unique domain links
  • No follow links
  • link anchor URL and more .

This tools also   display the Alexa Traffic  Rank and Page Rank of your site .

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3. SEOSpyglass:-

Spyglass is free to utilize with limited features .  With this tool , you can watch the 1,100 incoming links of any site ( five checks per day ) . This tool will provide all data about the incoming links ( backlinks ) such as page rank , domain age , famous anchor text , links back and more .


Its not a web based tool, basically  its a desktop software. You have to download and then install on your computer like on Mac ,PC or Linux . After this finally, You can enjoy additional features of this tool with paid plan that costs you $125 ( one time payment ) .


4. Open Site Explorer :-

Out of all of the above tools , Open Site Explorer attract me more . This tool is best to  allow you to compare incoming links (backlinks ) between more than one domain . But this tool will serve you this service with paid account of SEOMOZ . However , free service of this tool is best for you with help of which you can check incoming links of your site and your competitor’s site  .

5. Link diagnosis:-

when you are using this tool to check incoming links for your site , Link diagnosis will give you some different option . Like in case , you want to view the incoming links for a single web page or whole website or want full detailed report or optimization . Link diagnosis is best enough to do all this for you . One  thing, I wanted to tell you  about this tool is that it works well with Firefox browser .




[click here]

#5. Alexa:-

Alexa is also a another best backling checker tools. To check, how many backlinks are your website is getting. Just simply go to and enter your website name. This tool display all the backling which is your website getting. Even also this tool will show the rank of your website in your own country and also the Global rank. Apart from this, it also show you how much traffic, you are getting from google, facebook and more. Morever, alexa aware you about your top best keywords which send much traffic to your site.

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I feel you catch this article ” Backlinks checker tools ” profitable for you . If you like this article , do sharing on social sites . Any problem for checking incoming links on your website and did not understand how to use these tools , you free to ask  and if  any other tool you know that help you to check incoming links of your site  in fast way , let me know by comments .

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