Amazon Affiliate program (Beginner Guide): Make Money With Amazon

Here at MashLoud , last time I shared about affiliate program and how it work . If you are new in affiliate marketing, Firsty need to know about basic of affiliate programe,  to read beginner guide for affiliate marketing. But now time i talk about Amazon affiliate program which is one of the world’s biggest market platform. Big companies and many blogger use this platform to sell their product and too earn money.

The amazon affiliate program pay 4% to 15% of the sale amount , its depend own product and sale which kind you used. Many of blogger earn a good amount of income from this affiliate program . If you have a electronic blog , where you write the review of electronic . For example:- you write review of laptop and and give your affiliate amazon program link to buy that laptop. If you content is great , many of people buy laptop from your link and that way you can earn good income with amazon affiliate program.

How Apply on Amazon Affiliate Programe:-

amazon affiliate guide


Firstly go on amazon affiliate website , click here  to go their  and singup there..

amazon affiliate sing up

Depend on your location , select any one of the payment method.

After signed up next step their to get links. Depending on your website niche take  the different type of link .

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For example , if you have electronic website take the link of laptops , mobiles and other electronic accessory , if you choose link with one suit your blog niche that link fine one for your blog . And too if you have blog for videos , take some Dvd,s link and put them in your blog. Its mean depend on niche, choose the links according to your blog niche , they give you great amount of income.

How take the product link:-

 For taking the product link , click on the “get link” of those product , they show you some html code , copy the code and paste code in your website , where you want put and the code put on html language page not on visual page ( In Text Mode Not Visual Mode : In below screenshot where i write click , click there and paste there code , after paste click on visual , you can see , your product adds auto display on your post or page) . If you put on text page they can’t work.


How You Can Make Money With Amazon Affiliate:

When some one shop on your affiliate link , you earn commission per sale which one buy with your affiliate link. For More earning my suggestion choose that product which one shoot on your website niche and you can also send your affiliate link to your family member, relative & friends etc ..

You can also use your affiliate link for shop and earn commission ( if you follow below note)

  • Note:
  1. In which pc or laptop you make the affiliate link not use that same one for buy product .
  2. Not use same Id for shop product ( use different account for affiliate and different account for shopping).


I hope , this basic guide help for beginner , if you feel any-type of problem with singed up amazon affiliate programe , feel free to ask question in comment section.

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  1. I do hope I will get sales from my blog using the tips you gave. My affiliate blogs been running for months but products just sit there and it’s so frustrating getting no sales at all.

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