Add whatsapp share button on wordpress

How To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress Blog

Mobile usage increasing day by day , its important to optimize  your mobile version of website for sharing.  In mobile apps, whatapp is one of the popular message app , its important step to add whatsapp sharing button on your blog for more traffic. Many popular blog add whatsapp sharing button because this sharing button give you more traffic then twitter share button.Whatsapp sharing button is free plugin which allow you to add whatsapp button on your blog.

This plugin automatically add whatsapp share button on your blog . Whatsapp share button  earlier allow on android and but now time it also support on ios device too. There are few ways to add whatsapp sharing button on your bog.

Whatsapp Sharing Button Plugin For Android And Ios :

Floating social share barFloating social share bar

This plugin allow you to add whatsapp share button on your blog ad it work on android and ios both. This plugin is free and also support url tracking with Analytics. I suggest not use this , because it add extra parameter to url ,shared by new reader  and it look some  ugly type . If you have no problem  for this use them.  Avoid this problem this plugin have great feature.

Download plugin

Whatsapp Share Button:whatsapp sharing button

For my suggestion use this plugin its  is one make for whatsapp sharing .It automatically add whatsapp share button on posts and this one plugin with setting option.  You can also option to add button with short code.

Download Plugin

Whatsapp Sharing Button For JetPack :Whatsapp Sharing Button For Jetpack

Download plugin


Non-WordPress Websites

For non-wordpress user, you can also use this this sharing button with the help of generator tool , generate the code and add them in your blog.

This  work with ios device , I hope in future its also android.

If you know about more plugins which supported whatsapp share button , you tell me via comments

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