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9 Best Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

In my previous post Backlink checker tools , I aware you of one acute factor on which page rank and organic search ranking mostly depends . In today post , I will knowledge you about one more crucial factor for better ranking . That one factor is keyword rank checking . keyword rank checking has become  mostly common activity among all the professionals bloggers to target better keywords . But usually most of the website’s owner made mistake by just writing a post and then publish post without checking any better keyword for post  .

Just a  activity of 3 to 4 minutes to target a better keyword for your post  by using tools like Google keyword research tool and Semrush .

when you are written with your SEO optimized post with better keyword . Then you need of some best Google keyword rank checker tools to check where a particular keyword rank in Google search result .

To done this work , there are some best Google keyword rank checker tools which we have for you  .

   Keyword Rank Checker Tools

So lets start your journey towards Best Google keyword rank checker tools .

1. Semrush:-

Semrush is a best cool one keyword rank checker tool which offers you a complete solution for checking keyword rank . Enter your site’s URL , then this tool will aware you about those keywords for which you are actively ranking . This tools give you power to check keyword rank on search engines like Google and Bing .

Semrush is a professional tool which is free and also easy to use for several times. But for higher use , you must get subscriptions . For getting free 14 day trial of this tool , click here.



2  .     Small  Tool  SEO:-

It is a very cool keyword rank checker tool  in SEO. This tool is mine favourite because it is free to use .  This tool also offers you many services like backlink checking , Goggle page rank checking , Domain age checking and link tracker and many more . I suggest you to use this tool .


Now come to its main function , it can works as a keyword rank checker tool in very well way . This tool provide 5 keyword checking per website and show ranking in search engine on Google .

[check out Small Tool]


3. Moonsy Google keyword rank checker:-

Moonsy  is another keyword rank checker tools which has a great features . This tool is good enough to enable you to check your  keyword rank and also the keyword rank of your competitor with complete analysis .


With this tool , you can also analyzed or test the same keyword of your domain with more than one domain. Even also can compare how is ranking works for both domains .

[Try this tool]


4. Serps.Com ( keyword rank checker ):-

It is one of the best tool that help you to check keyword rank in a particular country .Following are the steps to use this tool .

  1. First enter a keyword whose rank is to checked by you .
  2. Then domain name
  3. Search engine and location must required . But by default search engine set to Google and location to United states .You can your search engine (Google) by Yahoo and also the location .
  4. Then you are asked for whether to check rank of keyword on mobile or desktop .
  5. After this , you have to give zip code of that country in which you are checking the rank of keyword . For instance , your are checking the rank of your keyword in India , you have enter 91 which is zip code of India .
  6. After all of above steps , just click on go and then click on option “start trial “, then new page will open . Press on back option and  you will found your result .
  7. You can also download your keyword detailed report as .CSV file .

Below screen shot will help you more to use the tool in which you can see rank of keyword “verify website on Alexa ” .

[check out here]


5. SEO Centro :-

Like Small SEO tool , this tool is also web tool . This tool knowledge you about your keyword ranking on search engine like Google , Yahoo and Bing . It also offers you a service to compare your keyword rank with other websites too.


[visit Seo tool]


6. Google Rank checker :-

Google Rank Checker another cool keyword rank checker tool which give you ability to check rank of keyword in search engine . It so easy to utilize . Just enter keyword in specified box and then enter website URL . See the below Screen shot where you can see rank of keyword ” Best twitter search tricks ” of domain mashloud .



In addition, this tool will give you position of that particular keyword in Search engine like on Google .

[try Google Rank checker]


7. Rank Checker :-

This keyword rank checker tool is a Firefox extension . Firefox extension by SEObooks is secure . It provide you a one comfort thing  .That is , your data cannot be exported to SEO company so  that they  cannot use it for their profit . Firefox extension entirely hosted on your computer or PC .

With this , you can target a keyword in an easy way .You must have Google account to get report on ranking and also can see how keyword rank in search engines .This extension also enable you to export all your data as .CSV file .


[visit Rank checker]


8. SEO Scores :-

SEO Scores is a Android App . It provides with nearly 32 SEO tools . It inform about the score on ranking , incoming links (backlink ) analysis and comparison and more .

For this , you must have a Android set . Download the App from App store and install  and start your work .

seo socres


By using this tool in your mobile  , you need not to enter domain name every time you wanted to see rank of  keyword . The report of keyword whose ranking you wanna see will be mailed to Email Id .


9. SEO Serp Workbench :-

It is a Chrome extension means it will work well only in Chrome Browser . Many professional bloggers uses SSW for keyword rank analysis . To use this tool , you have first download this tool form Chrome web store .

With this extension , you can find ranking of keyword in many countries like India , US ,UK and more . Just enter the keyword , then it will display the rank of your keyword and also competitor website . In addition, One thing ,  I want to mention here that this extension is free.


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I feel you consider the article ” Best Google keyword Rank Checker ” full of knowledge for yourself . After reading the  article  , if you find this helpful for you , then share the article on social sites. Any suggestion and query you found , you are free to ask . Also show me your experience after using above listed Keyword Rank Checker tools by comment box .

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  1. Great post ever. I usually use Semrush and Small seo tool to check mt keyword rank. Here has many more and I will use them. All the tool are effective and I think they will helpful for SEO.

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