6 Killer Ideas To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Traffic  is one of the most important one part of your blog . Some people want make carrier with blogging, to write their smart ideas, but there traffic is vey important in your blog to generate smart income. If you are newbie , Don’t know about how increase you blog traffic . Don’t worry, Here today I tell you 6 killer  way , which help you lot to increase your blog traffic.

Traget To Write Post:

Once you decide you write regular useful and original contented  new post on your blog , you should see naturally your blog traffic increase. If you write once post a month , they doesn’t give you good traffic . So, try to write at least  20+ post( good post cover all topic detail) in a month . Once your blog is hit , that time 15 or 20 is good for month , but at starting write more to more post .

Using Social Media Platform To Increase Your Blog Traffic: social media

Sharing your blog post on all possible social media platform like facebook , twitter, google + etc. Also add social share button on your blog .

Create your blog page and account on social media .  Really this one best method to increase lot of traffic in your blog.

Participate In other Blog Communities :

Start commenting on other popular blog with your blog url . This step is also useful for increase your blog traffic.  Start giving question answer in popular blog like  quora and yahoo etc . Also make contact and good relation with other blogger and start writing guest post in popular blog , that way you make good relation with professional  blogger .

Linking With Old Post :   linking post

Link your old one post to new one.  Make sure your  linking post is related to your new article , this help new visitor find more interesting article on your blog .

Use Photo :     use photo

Using photo is good one idea to attract lot of people. Many people feel bored to read text , so add images in post , good idea to make your blog more attractive and drive huge traffic . If you add photo in your blog , they also give traffic by photo search in google. Sure you give proper name to your photo url.

Important Step:

Your blog look also increase your blog traffic ,many visitor saw look of your blog.  Use good images, good content , and make your blog look and also add search bar , people search more content on your blog with the help of search bar . Also add your profile (author detail add).

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And if your blog are not verify on google , verify there , click here guide to verify your blog on google . Later I add more advance tips of drive traffic .

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