What Is affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Work?

Here at MashLoud, Today I will share the basic of Affiliate Marketing . Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and easy way to earn a great amount of income with your blog . Today many of blogger earn great amount of income  with affiliate marketing . After start this, Firstly need to understand it. If you are beginner in affiliate , you come from write place , here i guide you step by step .

What is Affiliate Marking & How it Work:-

How Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and oldest marketing platform where you refer somebody to any online product and when that one person buy the product with your recommendation , you earn a reward for this. There is reward 1$ to many dollars , depend on product which one you promoting.  In Other words, many online companies which one sell webhosting space,  electonic ,clothes or shoes etc or any other service ,that type of online companies provide affiliate program. One important question to understand the affiliate program, how companies know who send traffic and make the sales. That question have very simple answer , companies know with tracking url, which one is unique link which were given you by the affiliate program providing company . This unique url track you , how much you send traffic and make sales with your website .

Affiliate Networks:- There are many network or marketplace like clickbank, sharesale etc. which work on the database of affilate programs in different and different niches.

Affiliate link & ID:- There are special link which offer your affiliate program , track the progress of your promotion on affiliate programme. And ID is too similar too link, but many program provide you to unique id which you can put on any page.

Payment Method:- Here different and different type of affiliate which provide different and different method for payment. For example:- some provide paypal, check, wire transfer , paytoo and many of them.

Coupons & Deals:- Many companies provide unique coupons to track the sales, that coupons also help to increase the affiliate sale and make great income.

How much cost to join them:-

There are no any-type of cost to join the affiliate program, yes it is free to join.

And for start this program no any-type of skill are required ,there only need for copy-writing skill are required.

How much earn from affiliate marketing  :-

 There are no limit for earn, you earn very good income from this program ,many of blogger earn fat income with affiliate programme.

Which Companies provide Affiliate programe:- 

There are many online companies are amazon , flipkart etc . and many more which provide affiliate programme.


 Note: This page update time to time….

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Here at MashLoud , i mention about basic guide of affiliate marketing , I hope this basic is perfect for beginner one to start affiliate programme . If you phase any problem , feel free and ask in comment  . And visit again for more information about  and new similar tips .

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