Inspiration Story Of “Handicapped person” Who Support Other


Nowadays , most  of  the people  when  face difficulties  in their life . Some of them quiet . They feel , they can’ t achieve a something great in life . As they are hopeless.
If some of them get motivated , can get a great in life . But what happens to those people who born without legs or hands . the people are handicapped .

How can they get motivated .?

How can they achieve something big in life .?inspiration story of divyang iqwal

Here I introduce you , the handicapped person , MOHAMMAD IQBAL .  He live in Leh – Ladakh region . He was born without legs or hands . But he becomes a source of inspiration for others people like him . His journey proves , when we are in worst situation . A handicapped person can achieve big in life . Even he can’ t move from one place to another , he stood up for others people like him .


Mohammad Iqbal has its own:–
People ‘ s Action Group For Inclusion And Rights . This is dedicated to preserve the cultural natural diversity of the Leh – Ladakh Region. He write on copy with their mouth and too also do various things.

Through this , IQBAL provides various forms of vocational training to the people like him and also others people . He gives training of how to make envelopes , how to paint , how to make quilts from patches of clothes and so on .
Moreover , he  also teaches little children free of cost  so that their future will shine .
He puts efforts to make Govt building for the handicapped people .

Today he is a source of inspiration for others . He show the world that even handicapped person also achieve greatest in life . He inspired and motivate those who lose hope and think , they are misfortuners . He is great example of inspiration.

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