How To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Phone By Using Google Account

Somehow lost your cell phone , Don’t be  Worry You Are Still Able To Find IMEI Number Of Your Cell Phone.


First of all , Question arise , what is IMEI number?

IMEI number refers to a number that is given to all cell phones that are unique for every cell phone on the network.

Your cell phone has in this world a unique number link with itself , which is called as IMEI number . This IMEI number of your cell phone used to uniquely recognize your cell phone with in the network. If your cell phone has been lost or being stolen by someone . Then you have to give this IMEI number of your cell phone to the enforcement agencies and the telecom operator so that they can blacklist your cell phone and such that your cell phone can be protected from someone else for using your cell phone on their network .In this article you will learn how to find IMEI number of your cell phone .

Here at mashloud , I will guide you how to find IMEI number of your cell phone .

 Since you already know that how to find IMEI number of your cell phone . It is simply easy for you to find IMEI number . There is some apps in your cell phone that will enable you to find IMEI number of your phone .

Methods To Find IMEI Number 

1st method:

For this , just unlock the phone dialer , dial ‘*#06# ‘. After dialing , wait for few moments  and then after few some time IMEI number of your cell phone will be showed on your phone screen .

2nd method:

The second method is so simple like Ist method. For this , just unlock the device setting and there you found five section like wireless  & network , Device ,Personal , Accounts and System . In the section System , at the bottom , there you found the option ‘About Phone ‘. Just click on this option and then on Status . Then you found your phone IMEI number . Long press the IMEI number for copying this number to your clipboard .

Full Guide To Find IMEI Number Of Lost phone By Google Account

If somehow your cell phone has been lost or being stolen by someone and also you do not know the IMEI number . Even after that you are able to find your phone ‘s IMEI number from your Google Account .


For this click on  this link

and sign in with your Google Account . After signing in to Google account and left side of the screen you will found the option Expand all and then click on Expand all and after this,  then you will see a list of all android devices which are connected to your Google account and even also you  can see a list of the IMEI number of all devices which are connected to your Google Account .

If you want to find IMEI number of iphones , the entire process is same as we do above . But IMEI number is showed in the box itself.


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How To Play Youtube Videos Songs In Background On Android

Since we know that youtube do not support the features of background playback. For instance, when you play youtube videos songs . And at that time,  if someone message or email you. Then you switch to whatapps or gmail app to check the message or email . But after checking message or email, when you again switch to youtube app, you have to resume the video.  So it is a disadvantages of youtube app on android. Your youtube video will automatically stops when you move to the background. This limitation not only in youtube app but in web browser also.

The reason for not supporting the features of background playback in android or web browser. Because youtube earn money from the videos ads. More youtube videos songs will be played by you, then earn more money. If they start features of background playback> Then there will be no income for the company. Therefore, youtube took eight years to launch update. In this update, with the subscription of $10 per month, you can enjoy the features of background playback in official youtube app. But this features is only available in US.

Here we present you some Android apps which helps you to play youtube videos songs in background.

Play Youtube Videos Songs In Background

#1. Ulisten:-

Just search the apps from playstore and download it. Open the app play the video you want by searching. This app doesn’t lets you to play  videos in background. However, video open as pop-up window. So that you can use another app simultaneously.  It means, you can watch youtube video and use others apps like whatapp, facebook etc simultaneously. You can see in below screenshot. I m watching video and using gmail app. This gives you interface of multitasking like you find on pc.

You can also change the size of pop-up showing screen shot. To use this app, you must login with your Google account. The limitation with this is that you lock your screen, it stops playing.

#2. Torch music:-

Just search song you want to play. Tap on the play button. This app allow you to play youtube video song even when you lock your screeen or minimize the app in bakground. It does’t support feature like Ulisten app.

#3.  New Pipe:-

Another app to play youtube videos songs in background. In this app, you canno see video in background like Ulisten app. The video songs will play as an audio even when you lock your screen. This app allow you to download the video in different quality.

Just tap on the headphone icon option in screenshot you can see. After this, your video will play in background.

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16 Best Websites To Find Free High Resolution Images For Your Website

 Today, you will aware of those websites which helps you to find free and high resolution images for your website. This article present you the best websites to find high resolution picture for your blog. 

Since high and good quality of your photos attract visitors visually to your website. And the other reason for having a good and high quality images. Because web pages having good and high resolution images bring more traffic to your site from social media sites like facebook, Google+ ,twitter etc.

Best Websites To Download High Resolution Images

Here are the list of the best website to find high good quality images for your websites.

#1. Unsplash.Com:- 

This is best website to download good and high resolution pictures. Just subscribe to the newsletter of this site. And then you will constantly get 100 images in your email inbox in each 10 days. All images are built under the CCO license. It means that these images are in public domain and you are also free to utilize them in any way you like most.


The google images manages number of historical images from the life library.These pictures are free for personal use. And also free for non-comercial use.




This another place to get high quality images. Here you will find of millions of images, albems has been uploaded by The national library of the united nation (UK). Now these images are in public domain and free to use.




Like Unsplash,  every images are built under the CCO license. And it is free to utilize anywhere. This website give you a choice to browse the picture by camera model.




This website presents you the best and high quality photos. You can use these images personally and also for commercially. You will find here all kind of images like technology, nature, business, animals, fashion, sunlight etc.

#6. PublicdomainArvhieve:-


This is another best platform for you to download high resolution images with good quality. These are also in public domain. For downloading unlimited high quality images, you have to make payemt of only $10.

#7. Commons Wikimedia:-

On this website, you will find a number of images are under the kind of free license or public domain. The images  on this site are arranged on the basis of the categories. You can search images of category you like.

#8. Superfamous:-

Rest of the best website for getting high resolution images. You can get images for your projects.

#9. New Old Stock:-

In this site, you will get best collection of vintage photograph which are free from copyright complaints. If you want to twitter feed like @Historyimages. Then this will be good place for you.

#10. FreeImages:-

Freeimages is another one cool place you so that you can find your best collection of high resolution images. but you must sign up to download these high quality images. You can uploads images clicked by you.

#11. Raumrot:-

Raumrot offer you high-res images which you can utilize for both commercial and personal. And offer image category, download images of category, you love. If you want beautiful and best content design from independent creator, you must pay only $2 for this.

#12. Public Domain photos:-

Here you will get a millions of royalty free images which you can use them both commercially and personally.

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You can search here above 50 millions of high resolution images.

#13.  IM Free:-

In this site, you can get your high res images of different categories. And also you  can upload your own images which are clicked by you. Many of the images are sourced from flickr.

#14. Photo Pin:-

Since flickr is the best place for getting high quality pictures. But photopin enable you to find pictures on flickr which are convenient under the creative license commons. As you will get embed code of images. Therefore, you need not to host picture on server.


Kaboompics give you 500+ high resolution images that you can use in your projects and use them commercially. The images are arranged on the basis of categories and tags. And you have search box to easily search images.

#16. Magdeleine:-

Here you will find a hand picked images for motivation. Few of Picture are copyright free and you can do what you wanted to do with them.

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So find the good quality and high resolution images from the above best websites. Use these images in your projects or in your website. If you find these websites are the best places for downloading the high resolution pictures. Then please share this article  with your loving friends on social sites. If you find any query, you are free to ask via comments.



Full Guide To Delete Whatsapp Photos Automatically


Today, we will guide you how to delete whatsapp photos. Whatsapp is best messenger app which is used by most people of the world. Since we have colleages, friends and relatives who sent us images of inspirational quotes in  every morning. They themselves received these images from others. Rare people thinks that it is their responsibility to rise early their whatsapp friends with message of “Good Morning” associated with photos of early rising sun or water fall etc.

You will find problem with whatsapp is that these messages sent from those whatsapp contacts who are much close in your life. Therefore, you will not be able to bock them. Even you have an alternate idea for problem. Just mute the whatapp groups but photos which are downloaded will take important space on your phone.

We will give another alternative for this. Click on the Galleryapp on your phone. And utilize file manager app so that you can locate all the media folder of your whatsapp accounts. As result, you can delete the complete folder which contain whatsapp images sent by your whatsapp contacts. Since whatsapp does’t know the difference between the real photo and useless forward photo. So there is a risk of removing of good photos.

So to resolve this entire problem, we inform you of the best app to delete the whatsapp photos. This app helps you to delete all the junks photos  of media folder from your  whatsapp .

How To Delete whatsapp Photos


  • First download the app name “magic cleaner” from google playstore.
  • Open this app, again tap. As a result of this action. The magic leaner apps scans and detect all the junk photos of your media folders like memes, screenshot, video, Gif video, cartoons and other photos with text written on it.
  • This app offer you option  to delete all the detected junk photos with click.

How This App Works

This app has features of google image recognition which analyze or reads the content of the photos to select whether a given photos is junk or not. But this app needs acitve internet. The reason is that process of picture recogintion analysis is made on Siftr server. Not on mobile.

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I also use this app to delete junk images . It delete upto 300 junk images of media folder successfully. This app is free to utilize but it allow you to delete limited  number of junk images. If you want to delete to more junk images, you must invite your friends to use this app by facebook or whatsapp.


If you caught this article how to delete whatsapp photos useful for you. So please do sharing with your friends on social media sites.

Using Whatsapp As Separate Store For Notes And Document

In nowadays, whatsapp has also become popular to send messages to your colleages friends and others. It is best app and works on all the smart phones. Using whatsapp, we can pdf file, messages, video, song, images etc. Till now, you have been using whatsapp for calling and text messaging. But there are so many others uses of whatsapp which make this app best in the world. For communicating with the foreign people, you can use whatsapp.

You can also use whatsapp to capture and save scanned document, notes, ideas and anything else in your own private storage that is getable from everywhere. And also to quickly and easily transfer screenshots, document, web links and other files between your phones and computer. For this, you need not to sign for other service.

This is simple. Just create virtual contact number inside your whatsapp. And what you want to share privately, you can share with this virtual contact number.



Guide For Using Whatsapp As Separate Store

Since it is impossible to send messages to your own contact number. So, there is a simple guide for using whatsapp as private store for saving document and notes. Create Whatsapp Group one and only one participant. Here is full guide.

  • Tap on whatsapp on your phone and Create a whatsapp Group
  • Just add any contact number from the address book to this group. Keep name of your group and save it.
  • Now open the whatsapp group and click on the subject to display the participant of this whatsapp group.
  • Tap on the alone participant of the group and then remove him from the group.

That’s it, now you have private store in whatsapp  account which can be seen only by you and it is accessible from you phone and web link.

If you like to send files or document from your computer to phone. Just go the and then send file or document to this group. It will be received quickly on your smart phone.

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Trick To Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Gmail accounts is a free Google accounts. From the Gmail mailbox, you can access calender, google docs and various google sites. This accounts give instant access to users to login to the many google applications like maps, picasa and google photos etc. In today world of information technology, many of us maintain multiple gmail accounts for many purposes. Like to private our business detail, to store important information, to get message  secretly  from others, to apply for various jobs online etc. Yours day will spent most inside Gmail and calender linked with your work accounts. However, you like to store files inside in the google drive of your own personal Google accounts.

So don’t worry, Google enable you to login to multiple gmail accounts simultaneously so that you need not to log out of one google accounts to another to check emails. Just simply go to and log in with other google account in the same browser.

Sign in to account is simple and easy but switching to multiple gmail accounts is not easy. Once you signed in, then tap on your image profile in the upper right and choose any of the google accounts out of given google accounts. Then you will switch to that account. The Google accounts with which you log in to browser first, is your default accounts.


So when you write in the google address bar. The browser will your default google account. If you want to change your default google accounts. You have to logged out of all logged in accounts. Then sign with that account.

Thus you have to do so many things to switch between multiple gmail accounts. So here we show you a simple URL which helps you to switch between multiple gmail accounts.

Guide For Switching Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Just simply reach to the gmail website and tap Crtl+D to bookmark the site.


Now tap on the ‘edit’ option to update the bookmark. Just write in the URL box after the slash (‘/’)  ” authuser=” .



here we add ‘gw in the name box which means google apps for work gmail.repeat this action for other gmail accounts.

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Now just write ‘gw’ in the name box to start fastly your work gmail accounts even that account is not your default gmail account. This trick work with every Google apps like google drive, google contact, Google calender.

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Best Apps To Manage Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, When you are using each everyone of your social media accounts. It will time consuming for you. Like when you are using and updating your facebook accounts. You maybe forget to update your twitter accounts. By using social media, you can extend the reach of your content, brand and customer service etc. But worst thing is is time consuming. If you are uncapable to manage social media accounts. And want to update your multiple social media accounts at a time. So don’t worry, today we will resolve your problem of managing multiple social media accounts. Today, we will present the best apps to manage social media accounts.

Top Apps To Manage Social Media Accounts

So lets start with these apps so that you can manage your multiple social media accounts.

#1. CrowdBooster:-

Crowdbooster just collect data from your twitter feed and facebook. But it will not group all social media accounts into one available location. But it will give some necessary information about social media strategy. like when people mostly likely to view your latest  upload videos or images. Other features of this apps to analyze the total impressions, total engagement and reach. One other cool features of crowdbooster is that it will alerts you when new twitter user may notice you by your upload images or uploads.Also in your brand if you are business man.



Only bad is about it is that no free option is available. You have to pay $9 to use this apps for month.

#2. SocialFlow:-

Are you running  online marketing campaign or business. Then you at present know that how much crucial is to share the content on multiple social media accounts. you can use its single optimization algorithum that takes your twitter and facebok acounts’s social flow and data into three factors.

  1. Necessary message ( which of your message is most relevent to connect )
  2. Right audience ( who is online )
  3. Right time ( correct time to publish the content)

Means to say, Socialflow makes that the message is sent during perfect time.

Socialflow  has another service, but for this, you have to pay first. It offers plans of $99 per month.

#3. Sproutsocial:-

SproutSocial offers a plan of $59 per month. It permit you to manage your social media accounts. like facebook, linkedin, twitter Google+ etc. You can connect your accounts to view and share posts directly from this app.



In addition to web-based apps, It also offer mobile app for android, iphone and ipad.

#4. Hootsuite:-

Hootsuite is free to manage three social media accounts. The advanced features you will get in the plan of $9 per month. Hootsuite permit you to manage your social media profiles on twitter, facebook, linkedin, Foursquare and others. It allow you to read your news feed, schedule posts, reply to messages and comments. And also allow you to track keyword mentions and more.


Like sproutsocial, it also offers mobile app for android phone, iphone and ipad.

#5. TweetDeck:-

Tweetdeck is free to use and allow you to manage social media profiles on twitter. Like hootsuite, it also offers you to read news feed, schedule posts and reply to meassges and comments and more.


Tweetdecl is available as chrome extension app, web based app and desktop app.

#6. Bitly:-

Bitly is free to use.  This app do task on multiple platform like facebook and twitter. It shorten link of your post which is to posted on facebook and others accounts. It also enable you to  bookmark your favourite pages ,sites and also capability to track clicks.



#7. Everypost:-

Everypost app gives you to best platform which allow you to post all updates on social media accounts from a place at a time. So simple, just type your message, add videos or photos and then post on to all social media accounts like twitter, linkedin, tumblr, facebook, Google+, pinterest etc at a time.

Another cool things about this app is that it shortens the twitter text. this app shortens the twitter text such that they become less thaan 140 character.most of all, you can use it free.


#8. Buffer:-

Buffer app is free to utilize. This app is one of the best message scheduling app i.e you can schedule message on multiple media accounts. And also allow you to share applications. You just have to do easy click, buffer app allow you to share schedule posts and content via Google+, twitter, facebook, linkedin, Pinterest etc. This app will help you update your accounts consistently. It also show detailed information of your posts. i.e reach of your posts.

It offers you free trial. But after that, you have to pay $10 per month. Then you are free to schedule unlimited posts as you want to posts. Under this plan, you can use 12 social profiles.


#9. Spredfast:-

Spredfast is one of the best app to manage social media accounts. If you are keen to measure data collected from twitter, facebook, youtube and flickr. It has features like calender which informs you of perfect tweeting times.



#10. Tweepi:-

Out of all the social media platform, twitter is most usuable.    Tweepi app is a twitter unfollow tool which provides you access to unfollow the people on twitter who are not following you back. And help you to clean your twitter timeline.  Your twitter account is free form inactive twitter users.



#11. SocialOoamph:-

This app allow you to schedule tweets for the whole day. And it will autofollow your newbie followers. This app allow you to use dashboard so that you can combine linkedin, facebook, twitter and your blog into one atom to schedule your posts and manage social media acitvities.


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Android Lost: How To Locate Your Lost Android Phone?

Forget your phone somewhere else and doesn’t remember where it is placed ? You can loose your phone in number of ways it maybe your absent mindedness or busy with some thing else or it has got stolen from you by an unknown and you want to get your phone back or want to remove all private files removed from your phone before it goes in hand of a bad guy who can exploit you or even blackmail you for that data. But don’t worry we have a solution to locate your Lost phone easily or erase all private data from it remotely…(wiping data is better in case you were unable to get you hands on phone). Here Full guide about Android Lost which help you to  easily locate your lost device.

Now a days every android device comes with android device manager pre-installed and it is enabled by default if  it is not enabled you can enable it from setting>security>device manager>and then activate android device manager.



and after it you must have also enabled remotely locate option under settings>google>security>remotely locate and remote wiping option enabled….But if u never got there  and disabled them then its enabled by default .


Before starting to locate your phone i wanna tell you that if u want to locate your phone through android device manger these 3 things must be on in your device firstly  the above 2 settings must be activated then if u want to properly locate your Android lost phone then in your phone location and data should be turned on. There are two ways to locate your phone 1st is by web and second is by another android phone .


BY WEB  Find Your Lost  Android :

  1. go to this link
  2. login to your google id by which u have logged on that phone.
  3. you will see a page like this with every device you have logged on select the device which you want to locate and you will see 3 options below it like the below screenshot.
  4. To know the location of the phone if your phone location is turned on press the device it will show you the device location on the map with the green mark .
  5. in the first option you can ring your device remotely click on play sound to ring your device.
  6. Using second option you can lock your device and put a custom text and phone no. of you so that if some found it they can contact you by that information.
  7. BY 3rd option you can remotely factory reset your phone and wipe all the data in it but if u did it then you will not be able to locate it after you have done this step.


  1. Go to this link to download find my device app from playstore .You can also search it on playstore and download from there.
  2. login to your google id by which u have logged on that phone.
  3. you will see that the app will show u all the devices associated with your google account select one which u want to locate.
  4. After selecting your device 3 options will appear like RING,LOCK,ERASE
  5. To know the location of the phone if your phone location is turned on press the device it will show you the device location on the map with the green mark .
  6. in the first option you can ring your device remotely click on play sound to ring your device.
  7. From second option you can lock your device and put a custom text and phone no. of you so that if some found it they can contact you by that information.   
  8. By 3rd option you can remotely factory reset your phone and wipe all the data in it but if u did it then you will not be able to locate it after you have done this step.

After this you will be able to locate your Android  phone if u have data and location and device manager enabled. i hope you guys would be able to locate your phone by this if you didn’t then remember to turn 3 three things to be turned on in your next android so that if you lost that then you can easily locate that device  .

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